SOUNDTECH U1 Microphone Supercardioid for Podcast Creator Streamer

Rp 699.000,00


SOUNDTECH U1 Microphone Supercardioid for Podcast Creator Streamer

Fitur :
- TAILORED FOR VOICE : Record exceptionally detailed vocals with prominent lows and natural clarity, even in problematic acoustic environments.
- BROADCAST QUALITY : Premium dynamic capsule with a perfectly turned proximity effect provides the smooth, warm character synonymous with professional audio production.
- OPRIMIZED PICKUP : The cardiod pattern is designed to allow agile speech performance in front of the mic while ensuring excellent room noise rejection.
- INTERNAL POP FILTER : Dual-layer acoustic foam with embedded nylon membrane eliminates pops and hisses caused by plosive speech sounds.
- ACOUSTIC OPTIMIZATION : Robust metal enclosure counteracts reflections while an intergrated capsule damper tames mechanical bumps.
- MONO SWIVEL MOUNT : Unobstrusive and elegant on camera, the dedicated metal mount permits full freedom of movement without jamming the XLR connector.

Mic Type : Supercardioid
Mute Mode : Yes
Sensitivity : -54±2dB (1V/Pa)
Impedance : 600 Ohm
Frequency : 70Hz-15000Hz
Connector : 3-pin XLR
Mounting Interface : 5/8" , 3/8" , 1/4"
Product Weight : 406 Gr
Hardware Platform : : Laptop, PC, PS4/PS5,  Gaming Console, Some Mobile Phone

Kelengkapan Barang :
1x Microphone SOUNDTECH U1
1x 3-Pin XLR CABLE
1x Manual Book


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